Connecting Google Data Studio to WP MYSQL tables

I’m planning to use Google Data Studio (GDS) to report on aspects of a Wordpress site. A lot of what I need to do is entirely new to me so I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone can offer advice.

I’ve built reports in GDS before, but only using Google sheets, so once the data connection is established I should be OK. It’s the data added by the Lifterlms plugin that I’m interested in by the way - so I’ll need to sort out a sql query to focus on the data I need, but I’ll worry about that later.

From reading around it appears I need

  • Host name or IP
  • Port
  • Database
  • Username
  • Password

but another source suggested I also needed to provide a read only link to prevent problems.

Initially I’ll create a fresh installation to test this all out because I have next to no experience of interacting with the database.

As a first step to scope out the problem I tried using the “Launch Database Manager”, but that led to " This site can’t be reached" error. Any ideas what might be going wrong there or advice on using the other methods of connecting to the database.

You need all that but you also have to allow remote access to the MySQL database.

Having second thoughts about this.

I’d forgotten about plugin updates changing table structures and breaking the sql query. I need to use WP functions to extract data instead. Too much effort for too little gain.

Guess I’ll just wait until a proper integration comes along or move to a different LMS with front end reporting built in.