Confused with WP Multisite Installation with Cloudways


Hi Guys,

I am still confused about the workflow thats needed to setup a wp multisite subdomain installation with sub sites within cloudways ?

Is it Create Sub site ----> Auto pointed to the app via wildcard ?

or is it

Create Sub site ----> Point each sub site manually to the app ?

thx for your help



As you know that, There are two ways to setup the wordpress multisite, one is to setup as sub-folder whereas the other one is via sub-domain.Here your query is regarding multisite as subdomain at Cloudways.
I would like to inform you that there is no difference in setting up the multisite here at Cloudways. If you are willing to setup subdomain multisite and you are willing to use single Second-level domain, then you just need to update the wildcard DNS and add the additional domain as * at Cloudyways under domain settings Or if you want to use different lower level domains, you will need to use plugin such has Domain mapping etc.

If you need any sort of assistance, Please share, I would love to help you in every regard.

Ahmad Sami.


Hi @contact2

Setting up a WordPress Multisite is pretty straight-forward on Cloudways. Here is the complete guide how you can do that.

In short, you just need to launch WP with WPMU application, add the main domain in domain management (primary domain) tab and add all the sub-domains in Additional Domains Tab, like this:

Besides this, you need to configure domain register too.

The first A record will handle the main domain and the other A record will handle all the sub-domains associated with this application.


I followed these instructions to setup WordPress Multisite and point a domain name to my primary domain, it is working. Now I am trying to map another domain to my additional domain (a subdomain of the primary) but I am not sure how to enter the DNS entry (GoDaddy) to map it to the sub-domain. If I enter the primary IP address then I get an error:’s server IP address could not be found.


Hi @eric.thomson

To add subdomains in DNS register, you just need to add an A record in this way:
Type: A record
Host: *
Value: ServerIP

The Asterix refers to wildcards, that means, by adding this rule, all sub-domains will be handled automatically.


I have a couple sub sites created and tested under my primary domain and have added them to the Additional Domains as shown. Now I have a domain that I want to map to and a domain that I want to map to I just enter A | * | primary IP for each of them. What tells them which additional domain to map to?


Update: 24 hours later when I enter one of these domains: funtimes,net, I get to my primary site’s page with this message: “The site you were looking for,, does not exist.” and a form to “Get your own Site account in seconds”.


@eric.thomson I’m a bit confused how you are pointing the domain to wpcommunity?

Let me try to make it easier from the scratch.

  • Set up WPMU, I assume you have created two subsites one for crazy .com and other for funtimes .com.
  • Add primary domain to your main WPMU install by going to the domain management tab.
  • Add domains like crazy .com and funtimes .com to additional domains.
  • Go to your WPMU dashboard, sites -> All sites and click on Edit.

  • You will see a screen like below and enter crazy .com there:

  • Now, go to your DNS registrar and update A record for crazy .com

Repeat the same process for SubsiteTwo (funtimes .com)


Thank you Mustaasam, I had not realized I needed to use the full domain name when adding the subsite (or additional domain). I renamed them. But to get it to work, I also had to login to the register advanced dns and change the A record to use the @ instead of the *. Now everything is working. Thanks again