Configure GIT deployments for sub-folder Apps

I have the following folder structure: - main PHP app
|__ public_html
|__ inka/wordpress app
|__ margin/wordpress app

I’m trying to configure GIT deployments, but feel stuck. If I configure GIT deployment for my sub-folder apps it will point to applications -> inka, which is a wrong path. The real app located in So if I configure GIT deployments for app then in GIT deployment I can choose public_html/inka and it works.

But the problem that I have at least other 10 apps, and since I can only add one deployment path per app it means that every time I’ll have to change this path to something else, like public_html/margin.

It would be better if I can configure absolute path for individual apps. For example

Is there any solution to achieve this?

Instead of having one Git repository per theme, I would structure a repository to include all of the demo themes, each with a folder that corresponds to the folders on your cloudways server. Then configure CW to deploy to public_html and each site sub-folder will be updated as necessary.

Since you will usually be working on only one theme at a time, staging the changed from your development environment should be relatively easy to make happen. Then when you make the commit, you can run the deploy process on CW and publish the changes live.

Thanks for your suggestion, but how big this repository can grow in the future? Currently I have about 30 projects to work with. I’m looking for a system to deploy each project individually.

Good point. Can you tell me more about why you want to run all the demo themes on a single WordPress install? What is your “Main PHP app?” Is is WP? An actual PHP app? Are your WP apps simply individual WP applications or something more sophisticated?

Is there a reason you can’t have multiple applications on a single server each with their own GIT deploy configuration? That’s what Cloudways is great at!