Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin


Hello all,

Just wanted to know FOR SURE: does the migration of a site from its old hosting to cloudways, using the Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin, actually COPIES the site or does it MOVE IT ?

I am being offered to manage an existing site and I want to deploy a copy of it on my cloudways server, but I don’t know if the “standard” migration process with Cloudways plugin would copy or move it, the latter disabling/removing it from its current hosting which I ABSOLUTELY don’t want to as it needs to stay live and also I am offering clients the option to evaluate the (HUGE) superiority of cloudways hosting vs. their standard CPanel hosting…

I’d appreciate a precise feedback on this, as I could get in real bad trouble if I remove the “old” site from its current hosting :smiley:

Thanks a lot and best wishes for the new year and so to those who celebrate :slight_smile:


Hi @gabriel

The plugin copies entire site. There will be no harm to your old site. :slight_smile: