Cloudways Platform Is BROKEN

(James Collins) #1

My site stopped working, I went to login to check and the platform is inaccessible…

I had been taking investors through a presentation of the new site I built them, and about 5 mins into the presentation, the website went down randomly. Then I went to the Cloudways platform to try and check and come to find out it is inaccessible. And it is still inaccessible. I have tried from many different devices, internet connections, ip addresses, computers, browsers, and still nothing but 500 and 503 errors.

It has been almost an hour.

(James Collins) #2

What the hell is going on? This is really ridiculous. I am not even able to connect to Support Chat. I try to submit a ticket, and it is a 503 error…

(Dillyn Barber) #3

Can confirm, vm is still up but platform I have a 503 as well. I haven’t been able to get on all afternoon.

(Garrett N) #4

I’m new to Cloudways. I just signed up yesterday. The platform/control panel is something that shouldn’t go offline. What is happening and what are the plans to prevent it from happening in the future? Thank you. I love what you’re doing and really want you to survive!

(Dillyn Barber) #5

I agree with garrettn. It seems it is back online now too.