Cloudways New Staging Feature [Public Beta]

Continuous Innovation is how we at Cloudways deliver value to our customers. Developing new features and Improving existing ones is part of our DNA. Today’s update is also for the same. We are really excited to launch our Staging Functionality in Public Beta.

The scope of our existing Staging Feature was limited, a point that was frequently highlighted in Cloudways Customer Voice. As one of the most requested features, we took on the challenge and decided to implement a complete Staging solution for our customers. Our development team had been working hard for the past few weeks to deliver this feature and we have recently pushed Staging functionality into Public Beta. All our customers should have the option activated within their accounts.

Now, our customers have the option to create Staging applications where they can test alterations and improvements without affecting their live website. Once everything is working as desired on the Staging application, customers can push all changes to the live application with the click of a button.

You can access Staging by going to your desired application and clicking on the floating icon on the bottom right, select “Create Staging” option and follow the on-screen instructions

P.S. This functionality is still in Beta, while we have run exhaustive tests on it do let our helpful support team know if you encounter any issues. Here is a short walk-through:


very good news, well done guys.

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It’s awesome to have a partner continually improving the service with features we will use. Thank you!

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That’s great news I’ll give it a try this weekend. Thanks for your teams efforts

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I don’t understand what you exactly solved, as there wasn’t a problem - in my opinion - in the first place. This is how I solved staging, it’s quite simple:

  1. Create live application
  2. Create staging application
  3. Hook live application to Github repo.
  4. Hook staging application to Github repo.
  5. To test, push code to staging, test.
  6. When test is okay, push code to live application.


This option was not here before. The only option was to clone app. What is new now is that you can push/pull data from / in cloned app to live app which is big improvement. You no longer have to manually recreate all your changes you have done in cloned app.

If dev team could also replicate SSL certificates so cloned app would act exactly like production app that would be even better.

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@mdzunda Thanks for the suggestion. Please submit your SSL certificate replication idea here:

This would help us improve our feature and its performance. :slight_smile:

Great work ,great team.
looking forward to see the full version of this feature.


It is already there added by other user, don’t want to request the same thing :slight_smile:

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I’m thrilled that I don’t have to do all those things to launch a staging site. I heard a lot of demand in the forums for an easy staging solution and you delivered! Thanks Cloudways.