Cloudways just broke my e-commerce site and refuse to fix it and im freaking out

Im shocked and freaking out, this is how I make my living and I cant believe my eyes, I cant believe this is happening.

Someone please help me, long story short I couldnt edit the frontpage of the website, they said it was due to memory limit, they said -Therefore I have increased the memory limit to 1024 MBs to prevent the error like this from happening again.-

As soon as they did this the backoffice was broken, I cant acess it, I can still acess the frontpage of the site but everything else I cannot, after this happened I sent another reply and they are saying:

We recommend to kindly check this with your developer, as this is the reason site is unable to make connection with database due to error in the code of this file. The tweaks done before were related to memory limits and nothing was done on code

We would love to help you out but this requires a developers touch and we are only server level engineers.

I cant believe what im hearing, they just broke my site, and now they are absolving themselves of guilt and telling me to talk with my developer, which I dont have.

This is my life, I make my living with this site, I did not cause this issue, they did, and now they are not responding, Im freaking out.

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@blcempresa did you solve this issue yet? support has been great, can’t you just restore and or check the configuration on how things are setup, it may just be permissions and or a simple path issue. Best regards…

Guess I’m not alone.

I migrated a few sites from Flywheel to save cost. This was done via Cloudway’s WP plugin.

Immediately I am unable to install ANY plugins on CW. Support promised they are taking this seriously and flagged my issue as high priority.

BUT every time an email is sent to them, a new support staff replies it.
It would be fine if they solved this issue but NOOO.
They blamed the PHP, my developer, the plugin and every support staff kept repeating and asking the same questions where answers could have been found in the thread.

TLDR - basically they said it was my problem and pushed the blame.
Their support is very low level and simply do not care even though the issue lies with them.
So you can expect zero support or service from CW if you are hosted with them. Good luck.

To offer a contrasting opinion I have found Cloudways support (on server issues) to be very good. I think there is some confusion as to what CloudWays offers though. It offers management of the server not the app. Support will not will not hold your hand with WordPress problems that should be addressed by a developer.

If you are not a developer or do not actively work with a dev I wouldn’t recommend Cloudways. Frankly if you’re not actively working with a dev and your livelihood depends on your website I don’t think self hosted WordPress is for you either though.

I understand you guys are frustrated with cloudways but they are not bad service providers. 99% users love them. They don’t have any technical fault in servers or plugins.

Same happened to me. I’m back and forth with them on tickets for 2 days now, doesn’t feel like il being even listened to. I’m already looking around