Cloudways CDN + WP Rocket

Hey Forum,

I am in serious need of help. I’ve recently moved from a Danish provider to Cloudways to speed up my website. I’ve also recently added Cloudways CDN with WP Rocket to my site to have even faster loadtime, however, now my site is broken…

I’ve applied caching, minified HTML, Media lazy load, Preloading G Fonts, and enabled CDN.

Nothing more, nothing less.

However, not my site is broken… (My feed is not being loaded - its an iframe) and the CSS is all messed up.

Feel free to check out the site here: if you think you can help me out.

Everything was fine - until I enabled the CDN - have you experienced similar issues?

Hey there, sad you’re having these issues. Mostly this is caused due to old cache files being stored on your /wp-content/cache/ folder. So the first thing should be disable all cache (also the Varnish for that App on App Settings), also disable the Varnish Add-On on WP Rocket before disabling WP Rocket itself.

Then you have to go via SSH or SFTP and delete everything you may have on your /wp-content/cache/ (I mean, everything there inside), and also if you have a /wp-content/wp-rocket-config/ you should delete everything inside it, if there’s any.

When you start with WP Rocket, disable all Minification options, these should be the last to be applied, and one by one, testing everything and checking when and what breaks (they have pretty instructional tutorials right from inside the plugin dashboard, in case you don’t know). Remember to add all exclusions (URLs, Cookies, UserAgents) on the proper WP Rocket, it helps avoiding errors.

Just then you enable Varnish cache on the App Settings at the Cloudways Platform (add again all the URL and Cookie exclusions you’ve already added on WP Rocket), and then you enable the WP Rocket Varnish Add-On. Then back to the Cloudways Platform, go to your Server --> Manage Services and hit Purge on the Varnish at the bootom of the page.

Last but not least, then you copy your CDN URL into the proper WP Rocket field and save. Remember, mostly you can’t CDN all of your assets. You’ll have to try and test until you see your site is working. Takes some time and patience but once you get it, you got it! Remember to Purge Varnish again, and also on App Settings, Purge CDN Contents.

The most important, never activate all at once. First the “safe” thing (the ones you know won’t break), then one by one, testing (with caches off including WP Rocket Cache engine) and enabling one by one.

For my sites I can only CDN JavaScript from WP Rocket if I can remember. If you have HTTP/2 enabled on the Cloudways Platform, worry less, it’s fast! Also remember that both Cloudways and WP Rocket support are excellent and they don’t give up until they see you’re happy. As a paying customer you’re entitled to. Having HTTP/2 enabled, a couple options of minification on WP Rocket CANNOT be enabled. On-screen settings explains this, make sure they aren’t checked.

I hope it helps solving your issues. It’s common to have issues when migrating if you forget to disable and delete (via SFTP) all cache files, or also disconnecting some API’s from your WordPress before migrating… That’s why this is normally a paid service, but your 1st Site is migrated FOR FREE by Cloudways, and they can garantee you that nothing will be broken. Cheers!

From my experience forget about all magic caching plugins. They all will break your site sooner then later and mostly they actually will slow down your site. What you should do is to get implemented Breeze plugin and remove any other caching plugin. if you are still not happy with speed scale server up. It will cost more but your client must understand faster website will cost more.

Btw your site is loading fast enough. For just simple information brochure website you might want to use something much simpler than Wordpress. Wordpress is very badly optimized and requires really fast servers to carry all bloatware it comes with.