Cloudways CDN + SEO


Is there any documentation how CW CDN handles SEO related topics like image indexation? Basically I have 2 main questions:

  • Does it set canonical headers?
  • Is there a robots.txt in place and how does it look like?


Hi Sebastian,

Great question. For now the CDN doesn’t add canonicals and the robots.txt of CDN is default. You can find it at.

Can you give us suggestions on how it should be handled in the best way possible? Thanks.


well maxcdn has this option build in. Here are 2 good articles on it. Without these options it could have some massive SEO implications (like a complete deindexing of your images since they are no longer loaded from the origin server).


Thanks! got it. Adding CDN without canonicals won’t tell search engines the original source of the images, resulting in images being not associated with your domain.

We will discuss this and see what resolution comes out of it.