Cloudways Backups


I have just read this article regarding backups.

If I understand this correctly, Cloudways charges in addition to my monthly fee for backup transfer and storage. For a company that basically offers everything as “pay-per-use”, I would have expected a little more options regarding this. Or at least to be told there is an additional fee on activating the backups.

Is this article outdated now? I do hope so.

Hi @grant,

These charges are applied on offsite backups and it is clearly mentioned on our pricing page (See below).

Ibad Rehman

Apparently this would be significant in choosing this service. I would like to disable this feature since I would rather have my backup manually done by me at this stage. Not practical


i found where is backup but i cant undestand where is backup file downloading?
I whuld like download a backup file storage in my computer but i can’t find it




Hello @intailimited,

You can download the backup using SFTP. Please follow this KB for further information.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager