Cloudways adds Digital Ocean's Block Storage Option

Ever since DigitalOcean announced its Block Storage feature, Cloudways customers have been requesting its integration into the platform. Today, we are pleased to announce that we’ve added the highly requested feature. Cloudways customers that are using DigitalOcean servers on our Platform can now avail this feature starting immediately.

You can read all about the announcement in the following announcement post:

If you are unsure about what the block storage feature is or how you can set it up on your own DigitalOcean server hosted through Cloudways, check out the following post:

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The PR says it is $0.1 per GB. So 10GB should be $1 a month, and yet it shows as $8 a month? Plus the server cost. So a $10 DO server should be $11 with a 10GB Block Storage added, but shows as $18?

Something is not right. Probably my brain and misunderstanding.

once attached block storage, the website files and database will be copied over to block storage automatically?

Hey, in a way, yes. When you add block storage, it simply integrates with your already existing storage as a whole So you don’t need to copy over files or your database manually yourself.