Cloudways ACP is just too slow

The administration panel over at is just way too slow. Lacking basic UX capabilities such as middle-clicking links to open in a new tab and overall going from server to applications, different tabs is just too slow.

This is really killing me and our whole business infrastructure is slowed down by this. On the other side, the actual service is great and saves us a lot of time in the first place.

Now the likes of competitors out there (won’t be naming them here because #mods) seem to run a lot faster. Page loads do not have to go through any AJAX load and you can middle-click pages if you are working on multiple parts of a service/application.

Is there anything in the pipeline to address this? We are debating on switching from this platform.


Hello @MisterK,

Thank you for contacting us and highlighting the potential improvement in Cloudways platform.

I have noted your concern and have shared with the right department. We also have a dedicated channel for new features and improvements, please visit Cloudways Feedback portal and add a request there soo it gets upvoted by other members as well.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

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This and support quality should be fixed (and the crappy billing system). Those two things I spend waaay too much time on with Cloudways and the reason I only have two servers with them.

Well done! I booked marked the page!