CloudFlare DNS Only and Cloudways CDN Configuration?


I keep reading that CF CDN has performance problems on servers created by Cloudways. Especially since CF creates a complete copy of your website, uses it’s own Universal SSL Certificate (not server Let’s Encrypt SSL), and it’s own caching system that could affect Woocommerce websites if not properly setup, which is complicated.

However, right now I’m only using CF DNS (Grey Cloud) and I want to know if CW CDN is compatible with only the CF DNS enabled.

Here’s how I would set it up for a single WordPress website. Please correct or provide help.

CloudFlare Setup:

  1. Connect a domain to CF and point it to the CF nameservers.
  2. Delete all DNS Record (I used a new domain so there were no DNS Records)
  3. Add an A Record with a Name of WWW and point the Value to the Server IP Address and TTL of 10 Minutes.
  4. Add another A Record with a Name of and point the Value to the Server IP Address and TTL of 10 Minutes
  5. Turn off all Orange Clouds (Grey Cloud = DNS Only)
  6. Wait for the domain to propagate.

Cloudways Setup:

  1. In your server (CW Platform) go into the Setting & Packages Tab and click “Advanced”. Scroll and find “WAF MODULE” and choose “Cloudflare
  2. In your Application (CW Platform), add your primary domain under the Domain Management Tab.
  3. Install SSL for your domain for both www and non-www under the SSL Certificate Tab.
  4. Then under the CloudwaysCDN Tab add
  • For step 3 do I only add the https and www version ? I ask b/c most people visit a site by typing “domain .com” and the server redirects it to “https and www”. I think I know the answer already but just want to double check. (Everything loads from the https and www)

My current load time with a 1GB Linode server in Fremont running a WP multisite with 3 Subdomain websites is ~ 500ms. But, I’m just asking for when I make a single WordPress install.


Thanks for this timely post! I was just considering whether to use the cloudflare CDN or the cloudways CDN. So you’ve found that you do better with the cloudways CDN only? Are you using Breeze?


I haven’t tried Cloudways CDN as it doesn’t work with WordPress Multisites. Currently, I’m only running CloudFlare for DNS and asked support if it’s compatible with Cloudways CDN and how I should setup my DNS Records for it.

However, I did try using CF CDN with another WordPress (non-multisite) and it worked fine, actually better than I expect for the configuration I used. I set it up to the best of my ability with CF SSL turned to Full Strict, Security High, Minify and Full Caching.

I can’t say which is better since I didn’t properly test it CF CDN and haven’t used CW CDN. If I do test them later on I’ll let you know.


You can use Cloudways CDN on Wordpress Multisites with a workaround, Read this thread, and you will find a solution.


@bohlin thanks for the info on how to use Cloudways CDN with a WPMU. That was a really smart work around.

I just recently got CloudFlare CDN working on a Cloudways WPMU and saved myself a dollar. Haha

I’ll probably post a guide later on.


@Freddie That’s nice.

You know that if you don´t have a lot of traffic, you can use Amazon Cloudfront Free tier if you want for 12 months, then signup with a different email for another 12 months… usualy do that for smaller clients … =)