Cloudflare cache misses support not responding to tickets

Support from Cloudways has been terrible lately so I’m posting here in hopes someone else has seen this problem. I’m running Breeze with varnish and cloudflare. No minification in breeze and cloudflare so just straight caching. It seems that on a daily basis something from the server is telling certain assets not to cache which creates random cache misses at cloudflare. Any ideas?

For starters, Breeze is garbage (I’ve had that admitted to me by more than 1 person at Cloudways).

Use W3 Total Cache if you want a proper solution.

It’s a bitch to get setup correctly but support can help you with that.

The reason support is slow is due to requests like this. Its not their job to tell you how to set cache. Plus, cache is not a thing to set easy. It takes auditing to properly set it. Hire someone.

In my opinion, W3 Total Cache is the worst choice. WP Rocket works well with Cloudways.

Joshua…no need to be an asshole.

If any of that was directed at me (and even if it wasn’t)…

I was working online before you were done sucking your mommy’s tit.

Supporting their custom technology stack is most definitely “their job”. How do you figure it isn’t? Do we need to run everything past you before we contact support now?

You sure do think a lot of yourself…

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As per my experience, You can try Autoptimize for minification

Combination of Autoptimize and Breeze is lightweight and it works for us at least.

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Did you follow a guide for the Varnish setup? I might be able to spot the mistake.