Clone wordpress app bug



When cloning a wordpress app from server A to server B the clone feature fails to update the upload directory path that is defined in wp-config.

That means that the new app on server B is trying to upload plugins/media files etc to the original app on server A and throwing a permissions error.

Please could someone at Cloudways look at this? It’s frustrating having to FTP in every time I clone an app to edit the wp-config file.



Hi @ben

I am asking Customer Support to open a ticket on your behalf to look into the issue.


Why someone would prefer to update uploads directory directly via wp-config? Looks old-school approach.

There is better way to update wp-content path, if someone really concerned about changing wp-content URL. It can be easily done via CDN option of any cache plugin. Or, stand alone one can do via CDN enabler plugin, or some function code.

However, still a bug, and I agree it should be fixed.


Yeah I can’t clone an app to another server :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Hi @Ashley

Can you please contact the live chat support? They will surely help you out.