Client Highlight: Alan Smiles shares his story about Cloudways and his experience

Alan Smiles has been a long time fan of Cloudways. Read his success story and how Cloudways is helping him do a better job.

I moved to Cloudways after finding out that the backup I had with another provider wasn’t what I thought, after they did a great job of selling it to me. I found out that there was a file limit and as I was using Moodle, it had more files than the backup was allowed. I was in danger of losing a couple of weeks’ work because of this file limit.

Since I have joined Cloudways, I have had an outstanding experience. There are many things that provide a great service, but to mention a few…

Tech Support is great and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. They are always willing to go the extra mile to solve my issues and have so far solved almost all of my issues.

Free SSL! You need to spend another $50-$70 for SSL with some other providers, so the Let’s Encrypt option (which they have made outstandingly easy to use) is another great CW benefit.

Fast, secure servers… No longer are my sites being dragged down by other users on shared hosting.

Price… it’s great, what else can I say, the power of DigitalOcean but without the scary thought of doing it all alone.

Backups! You can back the server up at any time before making potentially drastic changes and I have recently found that cloning production sites is another great way of saving valuable time and work if you’re making some big changes. The 2 minutes it takes really gives you peace of mind for that next piece of code that might take it down. Simply delete the clone and then create another when you are happy with that work session or change.

I am not a server technician and it didn’t take me long to get my arms around how CW works, which is another great feature for someone looking to start up their own server without the technical knowledge that it would take for a DigitalOcean stand alone option.

It’s a competitive market out there for cloud hosting. Cloudways provides affordable pricing, great tech support, free SSL, setting your own backup intervals, cloning sites and lots of other features that make it a move that I have never regretted making.

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