Changing CDN link


Trying to set up my CDN on wordpress with breeze. Having a problem with changing my CDN link. Right now it shows the stackpath link in my source code and I want it to show cdn.mydomain.c o m. My domain name is with name cheap and I was told to add a CNAME and then

CNAME host=" stackpath link" my value= “cdn.mydoamin.c o m”.

Also in my cloudways CDN link is set to Should I change this to .cdn.mydomain.c o m There are no tutorials out there that I can find for Cloudways. You help would be much appreciated.


I have Namecheap too.

The CNAME setup is as follows:
Host: (only name of subdomain)
Value: (Stakpath cdn URL for your site)

In your wp plugin you must setup your cdn custom URL:


Hi Raizboim, Thank You so much. I set it up the way you suggested and will configure it also on my WordPress.I truly appreciate all of the help.


Raizboim, I changed the CDN link in namecheap and I added as you said cdn.mywebsite. com and my website breaks. Not sure whats going on but if you have any solutions I’m happy to try them.


1- with check tool check if your cname is propagate. If not ask for support in namecheap. The cname takes 30 minutes to propagate.
2- if cname is propagate, clear all caches including, varnish, and your browser too. Open your site with your browser and look into source code. If you see that your assets are coming from the CDN, you may have a misconfiguration in Stackpath. Look in to referrals list.
3- if you still see your assets coming from cloudways, something is wrong with the plugin your using to contact with CDN