CDN not pulling all static files across

I have been speed testing a site we recently launched and GTMetrix is indicating that a lot of static files are not on the CDN server. It appears to be a mix of CSS, JS and image files. Some of the css and js files are minified, but I don’t believe that is relevant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Looking for input before I submit a ticket.

Hello @stephanie,

Are you using CloudwaysCDN? GTMetrix displays this warning if your static files are not served from CDN server or it could be CDN hit/miss case. If possible, please share the GTMetrix result URL.

Ibad Rehman

Yes, using CloudWays CDN. Link is here:

This of course begs another question: is this possibly related to the W3 cache plugin. I do have the CDN portion enabled in the plugin and CDN Type is set to “StackPath”. From my understanding, W3 should work perfectly fine and have it set up according to the article on CloudWays that explains setting up W3 to work with CloudWays, although the article did not contain info regarding CDN setup.

Use Generic Mirror instead of StackPath.

Thank you, Ron, I appreciate it.

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Ron, or anyone else, now that I have it set to generic mirror I am getting this message:

A configuration issue prevents CDN from working: The Replace default hostname with field cannot be empty.

It’s not clear to me what should be in that field - the CDN hostname or the actual site domain name.

Its very possible your min files are cached in some manner and hence, your dilemma. So yes, its probably not just relevant, its the issue.

But a lot of the files not being pulled across are images.

Still having issues with this: “A configuration issue prevents CDN from working: The “Replace default hostname with” field cannot be empty.”

I had set it to the CDN address and it passed the built-in test, but after a few days started having some weird issues like icons and sliders not loading. Removing the address solved the problem for now.

So the question remains: should the domain address or the CDN address be in that field? At this point I am assuming domain since the CDN address appeared to cause problems.