CDN cache misses


Hi, I get daily cache misses on the cloudways cdn. I’ve even set wp rocket on my site to keep the cache for 7 days. Support also set the cache at the cdn to be 7 days. Even after all i get cache misses on a daily basis. I’ve even had two tickets with cloudways support.


Are you using Breeze as well? Because im not sure if you should use both plugins at the same time.
What are daily cache misses on a daily basis? Im not sure what you mean with this.


Nope not using Breeze. WP Rocket has built in support to use a CDN.


If you are using Cloudways CDN, i would recommend using Breeze and remove WP Rocket. Very easy setup.


Same thing when tested with Breeze. Breeze is also slower for my website configuration. As of today there are still cache misses at the CDN and support has been unable to resolved the issue. Not having direct contact with Stackpath and having to have Cloudways support go back and forth with them is part of the problem. It’s a tradeoff for the cheap cdn pricing.


Thanks for the warning. I was intrigued by the option. I’m not surprised, given the problems I have with Breeze and Varnish, never mind adding in another CW-controlled service :joy: