Can't login to staging site

I can’t login to my staging site. How do you login to your admin panel?

depends if you’ve mapped the domain to your application yet?

The default details are on your application access details summary page including links and credentials.

You can also try opening the staging application URL located within the application access panel. You will likely need to add wp-login.php to the end of that URL in your browser. Login with credentials from your live site. This will work unless you changed the password. The staging site is a duplicate of the live site.

Just mapped the subdomain, but I couldn’t access through the application URL using my live site credentials or the staging credentials. I will let the subdomain propagate and see what happens. I was also thinking that it could be because of my security plugin. If I can’t get in after DNS propagation, I will come back here for more advice. Thanks for the input fellas!

Hi, I’m facing same problem, if you fixed it, could you share your experience here please.
Thank You