Can we use Duplicity to create our own off-site backups?


Just wondering if we can SSH to do the following?
duplicity /home/me scp://

And if so is there a recommended command-line we should be using?


Here are some tests I ran and all failed

duplicity /applications/xxxxxx/test scp://test@x.x.x.x//home/content/test
BackendException: ssh connection to test@x.x.x.x:22 failed: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/master/.ssh/known_hosts’

FTP_PASSWORD=password duplicity /applications/xxxxxx/test ftp://test@x.x.x.x/home/content/test
sh: 1: ncftpls: not found
NcFTP not found: Please install NcFTP version 3.1.9 or later

FTP_PASSWORD=password duplicity /applications/xxxxxx/test ftps://test@x.x.x.x/home/content/test
sh: 1: lftp: not found
LFTP not found: Please install LFTP.


Found a way to do it with sftp and duplicity

FTP_PASSWORD=password duplicity /home/master/applications/xxxxxx/test sftp://test@x.x.x.x/test


For reference here are the options