Can i use Coudflare`s Railgun on


Hey guys, i upgrade my Cloudflare Plan and can now use Railgun. Is it possible to install this on my Linode Server here?


Railgun sounds very nice but it needs to be installed at the server (and it must be running a 64-bit OS). So for now, you can’t use Railgun with Cloudways as they’re the only ones who could set this up, as Cloudways is a managed platform (eg. they control the servers).

If you really need this then you’ll need to set up your own server at Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc. But that will defeat the purpose of using Cloudways to have management-free hosting on dedicated servers, as setting up your own server requires you to be your own sysadmin.


Hi Denis

Thank you. Bad, but now it`s time to go to Linode directly and moves my Server.


If you want to do it, then go ahead. Just don’t forget that when using a VPS or dedicated server, you’ll be responsible for handling everything, including implementng a daily backup solution for your server or sites. And you may like to use a control panel to make things easier, but Cpanel or Plesk are commercial solutions.


Thanks for your support. Luckily I have a sys admin who helps me. The backups are done by Linode, too.


Then you’re all set. Just remember that backups are for the whole server, so if you need to restore a single app or a single file, you’re out of luck :smiley: