Can I Have Your Opinions on WPML Multilingual Plugin?


Hi all,

I am going to write an article about the importance of hosting for a WordPress Multilingual website. For this purpose, I will be using WPML plugin on Cloudways Platform. If you have previously used any WPML plugin, please let me about your opinions. I may also mention your opinions in the article.


I’ve used it before for a few projects. It can be time-consuming to do, and when you have content updates, you have to change it for each language. These days I just use a simple Google Translate js plugin that does translations in the page without reload using Googe’s library.


Documentation for applying their JavaScript: (free)

Documentation for web app API: (has costs)

They may not always have the translation 100% but Google is always improving it and I rarely see translation errors. It also depends on how well you write and format your native language, and most people do not realize this. If you are used to your dialects or slang instead of your proper native language when writing your content, of course, you will have more errors. Grammarly is your friend.


I use WPML and it does a good job.
You can translate any plugin, (custom)post types, any string wherever, both in front end and admin. If a translation is available, it can download that automatically. And you can adjust to taste.

One of the nice features is that you can quite easily use different domains (,, etc).
Or choose /en/ or ?lang= as a way to handle language changes in the url.
It keeps canonical links etc. synchronized and does things the right way on SEO.

WPML does have kind of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate the possibilities. They have made great improvements over the last few years. The performance is very good in my opinion.

For one project I used the translation management where new content is automatically added to a translator’s bucket.
You can add your own translators for every language, to your admin, that can work independently.


@info19 @dillyn Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


I’ve used it for a couple of projects and I will not be using it anymore, it’s hard to use and explain to clients how to use, very buggy and slows everything down on your site. Meanung you also have to have a larger server. If you have to use their support, they will blame everything other than their code as the issue.

Please don’t use it. I had to use it in the past as to be honest it was the best of a bad bunch. I would recommend as a much better alternative.


I found Transposh to be far superior. It is improved by community input and a recent English to Thai site I built passed 100% with a native speaker of Thai.