Built in image optimization?

Hi. I read on this blog - http://edrucks.com/cloudways-io that Cloudways has an image optimizer built in to the server via CLI?

Is this information accurate? I tried following the steps in the blog post but it didnt work. If it is accurate, is there a tutorial on the cloudways site I can follow? I have done a few searches on the forums and support pages but have not found anything. In fact, the only thing I found about image optimization was using a wordpress plugin.

Can you please confirm?

Hey @craigalancaster,

Cloudways does not have a built-in image optimization tool. The tutorial you are referencing is teaching you how to install a 3rd part tool using Cloudways CLI. If you have confusion following the tutorial then try contacting the author for further explanation.

Ibad Rehman

No worries. Thanks for getting back to me.