Bring back the old colour palette on the platform

I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but am I the only one who hates the new colours on the platform? The purple navbar with the white text colour hurts my eyes every time I see that. The green buttons with the blue text are almost unreadable. Every time I need to login to my account, I try to find a reason to not do it. Please, consider it and do some research about what users believe for this new colour palette.

I like it.

The bar at the top is blue though, not purple. And the text on the green buttons seems readable to me, although I agree that black rather than dark navy would be better for button text. Are you sure your monitor is displaying colours properly?

I like the new colors too. No problems with the blue nav bar/white text being too extreme, and no problems with the readability of the green buttons with navy text, all very readable here.

I wonder if the blue on green causes any problem for those who are color blind though? No idea.

Actually, it’s better for those that are color blind now as it follow the contrast ratio of ADA / WCAG 2.1 better, so it’s not an accessibility issue, just someone’s preference. Cloudways meets AAA WCAG 2.1 status which is the best to get.

colour, who cares colour, pls brong back good support and better responsive time in the char, always busy guys

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Disagree. The new colors are higher contrast and better for readability.

Is this even important, i mean seriously. As long as their infrastructure works i couldn’t care if it was pink.