BREEZE WARNING for Woocommerce Users


Breeze is not reliably compatible with WooCommerce (WC). I have open a support ticket, but the main two things:
a) Breeze caches all the WC pages, even pages like the cart that are different for every session. This would be extremely basic to workaround, but it should be built into the plugin. Very big problem.
b) Breeze interferes with at least some (if not many) extensions (and possibly with some of the WC core itself). I haven’t been able to test every way its caching is interfering with WC and WC extensions, but it essentially completely breaks the WC Subscriptions extensions.

If you use WC, I would stay away from Breeze until it has been tested.


Hi @postmaster

Thanks for reporting the issue. I would suggest that you stick to your old caching plugin for now until we check and resolve the issue.


Hi @postmaster

We have launched Version 1.0.3-beta and this version has solved the issues for everyone.


How about the other Ecommerce plugins ex: “easy digital downloads” or “MarketPress by WPMU DEV”!

Does Breeze work seamlessly with these plugins too? Are there any issues?!