Breeze Varnish + Woocommerce Cart not working

For info, met big problem with impossibility to see products in my cart and finalize orders for a few days, after looong investigation, solution was to disable the varnish cache, now it is working well.

Hope you can reproduce and fix the bug.

Have you excluded the cookies that woocommerce have in the varnish rules?

Nope, how to do that ? there is documentation?

Is it your answer about cookies to remove from varnish ? I dont see the links between both conversation sorry.

If you read the discussion you will get your answer. It’s there.

Yes, it involves some special setup. It also affected a lot of custom code that we create for our clients. Varnish is not the only solution for server caching. Hence we decided we would sidestep the issues and use nginx

This should not be necessary. No other host has these problems, and CW does its own installation, promising “enhancements”, which one assumes means Varnish configuration. This is one of the reasons I do not recommend CW.