Breeze, Varnish and Woocommerce

I can see that this topic has been covered rather extensively. However, I am having issues with Breeze and/or Varnish and important Woocommerce pages (cart, etc.).

My primary question at the moment is Breeze required for Varnish or do the work independently?

I am trying to determine if Breeze itself is the issue or if it’s Varnish or both. I do have a list of Varnish exclusions that I have cobbled together from the forums here and elsewhere on the web, but am still having problems on certain pages.

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Ive been where you are, save yourself the headache, disable varnish.


That’s a lousy solution. Varnish is an important component.

Breeze is garbage (and this was told to me by a cloudways employee - not quite in those words).

Replace it with w3 Total Cache. Support can help you set it up properly.

Ron, Agreed, lousy solution, but have not found a proper solution that kept WC website properly working. Using the varnish filters still creates issues in my experience.

I appreciate the recommendation. Does W3 work with Cloudways CDN (whole other story there)?

It works perfectly with Cloudways CDN. It’s a bitch to setup though which is why I recommend getting support to help. They helped me set it up from start to finish and it’s blazing fast.

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The worst part is that if you disable Breeze and do tests speed of site nothing will be any different. Breeze is still immature implementation. Many times you post something you have to manually dump varnish cache.

Yes, I experience the same.

The reason Varnish wasn’t working for me was related to the fact that I didn’t have Let’s Encrypt set up correctly. Not sure if this is worth investigating.

Sorry for the delayed response - been über busy. I appreciate all of the replies, they have been very helpful.

However, it is not clear how to properly set the CDN settings in WT3 to work with Cloudways’ CDN. Any more specific help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes please some details on how to configure WT3 cache plugin and the let’s encrypt ssl so that varnish+woo work prefectly would be great.

HI Stephanie, we also have add to cart empty issues and desperately want to get varnish+cache plugin (breeze or W3 or whichever is best) working properly with our woo shop. Do you know any expert who can help us with this (paid?) any tips highly appreciated! kind regards, Roger

This is what I have for varnish settings. It’s been cobbled together from here and elsewhere, but seems to be working as we haven’t had any issues or customer complaints:

urls excluded:
wordpress_test_cookie=[^;]+(; )?

cookies excluded:
wp-settings-\d+=[^;]+(; )?
wp-settings-time-\d+=[^;]+(; )?


Do you need the semi colon after some of those URLs and cookies?