Breeze not serving mobile ready pages

I have had an issue recently where our responsive site is showing the desktop version to mobile users, after a bit of fiddling, this seemed to go away each time I cleared the Breeze cache. So I have disabled breeze and the problem went away until we reenabled it.

So breeze seems to cache the first ‘version’ of the site someone gets, and serves that up for both mobile and desktop users.

You must be using a theme that serves different CSS to mobile and desktop browsers, or possibly alters the meta viewport setting or something else weird. Proper RWD does not do this.

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In almost all cases, this problem arises because of the theme that is not is responsive and maintains separate views for mobile and desktop. First of all verify that your theme is maintaining separate view files for mobile and desktop?

Thats what I initially presumed, but the theme is Avada (not my choice) and upto date and it works fine when Breeze disabled. Its an odd one. I also have Cloudflare enabled so maybe that is causing issues too. I will keep digging.

I have the same problem with my website, Breeze is caching the page according to the first mobile/desktop that was visited and serve it to both mobile and desktop regardless.
In W3 Cache (former cache plugin I used) they recognize this and have a specific config for mobile as the images served there can be 80% smaller than desktop - that is a huge saving on speed and good reduction of traffic…
Is there a way to fix or tweak this to work on Breeze ?