Breeze increases the size of an application a lot

In every website I add Breeze, the cache folder increases a lot and becomes more than 1Gb. Both breeze and breeze-minification folders. The size of the cache folders is almost the size of the rest of the website.

TO EVERYONE: I simply cannot recommend using the Breeze Plugin for this glaring reason: It slows down page load speed. I also cannot recommend using any CDN so far. I have tested Sucuri, and Cloudways and both increase page load times.

Considering websites lose 7% of sales conversions for every second of load time (Google Reference), I have found through several tests, not to use a CDN and the Breeze Plugin. If you care about ecommerce and your clients ability to make more money to pay you for more of your services, you will take this advise to heart.

Hello @robertdlang,

Could you please also share the benchmarks you might have while testing Breeze for performance?

What do you recommend for speed optimization and caching?


Nothing about the issue I described?

I think you have a setting issue, or something broken/conflict. I just check 4 random sites of mine, checked each the /content/cache folder and the entire directory is > 4mb

I just installed a clean WP install. ran speed test with before and after breeze. breeze did not slow it down.

Are you using minification and combining files? Thats probably your problem. Http2 - faster without.

could you please share your admin credentials?