Breeze flaw on expiring cache



Breeze is great, but has a flaw:

There is an option to set the expires time of the cache:

Purge cache is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours) by default. If you wish, you can change this duration to suit your cache purge requirements.

However, the default is also to have Browser Cache enabled, which writes expires headers to static files.
The problem is that this option writes an expiry header of 7 days, REGARDLESS of what expiry time is set in the cache expiry box.

So even on default settings the server is expiring the cache every 24 hours, but anyone who repeat visits the site will still be served an up to 7 days old file no matter what as it’ll be cached by their browser for that amount of time and their browser won’t even send the request to the server!

Solution: The static expiry headers written for the browser cache option should either respect the same time limit as the cache expiry, or there should be a separate option to set the time limit for them separately.