Breeze Doesn't Group Additional CSS

I’m testing Breeze on a staging website and I enabled both minifaction and grouping options. I noticed that
url isn’t minified and grouped.

How can I enable Breeze for Custom CSS as well?

Test website is available here:

To clarify the things. Custom CSS was added using this option:

I’m sorry test website went down. Updated copy:

Breeze does minify custom CSS. I would like to know if you have enables inline CSS option in the Basic Configurations? If yes, this appears to be a configuration issue.

Yes, I did.

I also found that if Additional CSS contains just a couple of rules, it gets grouped correctly. My Additional CSS contains about 1000 lines. Breeze seems to ignore it.

Why don’t you create a style file in your child theme and load it from functions.php? Not sure if it is a best-practise to have so many css rules in theme customiser.

Could you please share admin credentials?

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It was convenient at that moment - I don’t have to create a chile theme. It should be cached, so why to bother with a child theme?

@ivan This problem has got nothing to do with Breeze. To confirm this, try disabling Breeze on your site and you will see that the issue remains.
I suggest that you remove all custom CSS code form Additional CSS location and integrate it with in the theme CSS file. In my experience, conditions are applied in CSS code which is not relevant to insert in customizing additional CSS.

Thank you for the reply.

WordPress doesn’t combine CSS files. It’s a feature of Breeze plugin. It promises to combine css files into a single one. It does this, but ignores custom css rules as you can see. WordPress has no css-combining functionality. Only Breeze, W3TC and some other plugins do this.

Yes WordPress has no css-combining functionality. let me explain your additional script does not appear at code browser. you can verify it by press Ctrl+U. your code is not appear at browser although Breeze is disable.
while code is not appear at your site so how can any cache plugin grouping it?

Developer Tools says it’s there: