Breeze + CloudFlare Configuration Help?


Can anyone provide me the tutorial to configure both Breeze & CloudFlare CDN and list the best CloudFlare settings that work with breeze?


I’d be interested in this too.

I simply installed the Breeze plugin, used it’s default settings and then purged CF (I do have the CF plugin installed too).

Seemed to output better speeds on Pingdom over W3TC.


If you are using CloudFlare, you don’t need to set any specific breeze related settings. Note that CloudFlare is a full site CDN that maintains a complete copy of your website resources. We are working on a detailed article on this topic. Stay tuned for it.


I hope your article comes out soon. I’ve tried to use CloudFlare on three sites, and it either broke the site or tanked my site loading speed (kinda the opposite of what I was looking for). It seems like it should be so easy but I am obviously missing something…


I using Coudflare too.

They working fine with Cloudflare plugins.
Auromatic Purge with no problem.

Do not have to activate CDN in Breeze.


Sure i will update you about the article.


@gwen I have the same problem too. Slower total load times and slower time to first byte.

Even after setting up the page rules at Cloudflare to cache everything.


any update on the article?


Hi @anirudhpulikonda

Using CloudFlare with Breeze is easy. Check out this link for details on using CDN with Breeze.
For optimum CloudFlare related settings checkout this link How to Use CloudFlare CDN on Cloudways


Can/should we use the Cloudflare CDN AND the Cloudways CDN service?


Thanks for the kind patience. I could answer your query that day, but I had no proof or written tutorial at that moment. I felt better to wait. In fact, many users asked me…

How I did this? 273 ms load time!! WTH :smiley:

But, it’s true… and here is the way to go
In case you want to setup cache everything properly, here’s the guide

This guide cover most aspect that you need to follow in order to avoid any problem with this approach.

It took 2 years and 7 months for me to write this. My experiment was in progress since a long time. :hushed:

One of my clients saved 97% bandwidth via this method.