Breeze, Cloudflare, Autoptimize, Cloudways CDN - best way to optimize?


So I’m using Breeze, Cloudflare, Autoptimize, and Cloudways CDN. Based on your experience(s) any tips for best practices or combinations of settings in this stack to optimize my site for speed? Right now, I’m not doing so hot with Pingdom speed test:



Something is definitely wrong with your setup, it would be easier to recommend something if we could see the site that you have the problem with. I usually have loading time around 300-700ms at most on a Vultr 1GB server on Cloudways.


Thanks for replying! I’m on digital ocean, 512MB
Here’s a link:


So I can see that you use the Generatepress theme and that’s a good start, I used Pingdom aswell to measure your sitespeed and got some better numbers from Stockholm/Sweden server.

Where are your server located and what country are you targeting?

Have you measured your site without ClouwaysCDN? I got better numbers without that cdn for my sites in my country(Sweden) with a server in Amsterdam, it is not always a cdn gets better numbers depending on where your server are and where your market is also there is a slightly faster perfomance on the Vultr servers than Digital Ocean in my opinion.

Also your page is a bit large with 2.4mb in size, have you optimized your images in size versus kb?


My server is located in New York and most visitors/customers come from USA and European countries.

So you recommend not using the Cloudways CDN and only using the Cloudflare CDN?

I’m pretty sure all the images on that page are optimized.


My own default WP stack is Generatepress, Breeze, plugin without Cloudflare, No CDN and a 1GB Vultr server nearest my most target market. Sometime I use Amazon Cloudfront or KeyCDN they are mostly faster than CloudwaysCDN in my markets.

My tip to you is to set up a 1GB Vultr server for testing 2-4 days and clone your installed website to that server and run some tests with my default setup and compare, I think you will be surprised over the performance and it would not cost more than 1-3$ it is really worth your time to do this.


As far as changing from DO, I’ve heard that Linode is the best, but I don’t know. Haven’t heard of the plugin, so will check into that.


So do a test with Linode as well then, one at Linode and one at Vultr and measure the results, it would only cost a couple of dollars and you will know what the best server for you is without what you heard from others. It is a really cheap way to gain the knowledge in, I have done all those tests for my business and the results showed that my business now only use Vultr, but that may not be your results.

Tests are the only way to know for sure, hope you find the server that is best for your business.


I’m not really sure how to do those things though. It doesn’t seem like it would be an accurate test because the domain name can only exist on one server. And then you have cloudflare in between, so I don’t see how I could even test other servers accurately.


Make subdomains at Cloudflare, it will show same response time as the main domain.


Hi @MikeC

Try disabling Autoptimize, and enable Minification & Grouping on Breeze. See the result!

You can also try out disabling the CloudFlare CDN. It is not suggested to use more than one CDN at a time. It is like, introducing another checkpoint between visitor and the server.


How would you disable the cloudflare CDN but still use cloudflare for my DNS?

@mustaasam.saleem I did what you said and disabled autoptimize and so far I’m impressed with what I’m seeing! I previously disabled the cloudways CDN but now i’m wondering if I should use it again instead of cloudflare’s…


Hi @MikeC

It depends on the requirements. If you are using CDN just to cache the static assets, then, I would suggest using CloudwaysCDN. However, if you need features which CloudFlare offers. You can surely use CF services.

Since CloudFlare will be the first point of contact for every visitor, I would also suggest doing optimizations on the front layer.


Hi @mustaasam.saleem,
the autoptimise setting, is it in cloudflare or breeze?
Where can i find it exactly?


Hi @contact8

Didn’t get your question. Can you please elaborate a bit?


Ah ok, sorry @mustaasam.saleem :slight_smile:

The question is:
What is AutoOptimise?
where can I find it?



AutoOptimise is another WordPress caching plugin that can be found here:


I am using digital ocean via cloudways cdn in 1GB server. But my loading speed is slower than normal website. Can you provide provide some valid solution after pingdom it. Here is my website link -