Breeze Clear Cache

I have found everytime my clients create products I have to clear the cache on the Breeze plugin. Can we make an auto purge?

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Hello @me12,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward this to concern team and get back to you if there is any update.

Meanwhile you can use Auto purge set to a particular time frame.


Thanks Ibad :slight_smile:

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Has there been any update on this? While setting the cache to clear every one hour would help prevent users from seeing a broken site, it defeats the point of having a cache. Plus, there’s still one full hour of potentially thousands of users seeing the broken site. An auto clearing option would be a far more ideal solution.

I’ve got the same issue. The devs gave dodgy answers on WordPress plugin repository when asked how to trigger a purge via PHP. They said “look at the code”: well, i can’t find it! Can some kind soul share the function to call to trigger a cache purge via PHP?