breeze/CDN not caching 1 img


This is slowing my whole site by about 1 second. I think it comes from ‘ajax load more’ plugin…and I think it’s not getting cached because it’s loaded by ajax after page load. I have tired for hours…it’s weird, I even changed the loader via file (then clear all cache), but IT STILL displaying old loader!

I really don’t even want to see it…I think that would be a question to ask ajax load more people. Well, maybe this WHOLE question is for them, but I ask here first.

#1 remove that loader total from whatever is using it (I think ajax load more plugin). I have tried css, doesn’t seem to work.

I added this image from the above path to homepage, and then the page speed says i’m loading it from 2 areas…one is, in fact, REALLY cached…so the ajax call is messing it up, I think.

I look at my waterfall, and this single image is really slowing my site from potential 1 sec to 2+ sec.

Any ideas? I will even accept a js to remove it. I just barely know css and copy+paste stuff…this is beyond me. (the ajax button is bottom of page “load domains”)…that’s the image Is giving me trouble, the spinner. just shows up as a 1px x 1px for me, but I do see this animation now:


Is that the way it is suppose to be?

@jaytb83 @russell could you please share your site url with credentials? so i can assist your in better way .