Breeze CDN linker not working



I was earlier using w3tc and now using breeze. Although somehow i cannot get CDN working there.

I have the correct link mentioned in the CDN section of Breeze but still the URL’s are not replaced.

I have cleared Varnish cache and all page cache as well but still CDN does not seem to work.

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Hi @peeyoosh

Have you opened up a support ticket? We are getting a lot of queries about setting up a CDN with Breeze. I will see to it that we have a proper guide configuring some of the popular CDN providers with Breeze.


Hi @peeyoosh

Could you please mention the CDN you are trying to integrate?


It was keycdn. Support has resolved the issue already.


We have launched Version 1.0.3-beta and this version has solved the issues for everyone.