Breeze Cache update 1.2 has issues

I had to deactivate on live site.
After update clients in Chrome & mobiles cant see images and some menus and forms don’t load correctly.

The latest update has affected of my site too. For admin logins it is OK but for subscriber level logins, important parts of functionality is missing?

I cannot login to any of my sites and neither can my client. I updated Breeze and Wordfence and they are conflicting with each other. I suggest the Devs at Cloudways get on this ASAP!

Confirming that the recent Breeze 1.2.0 update is incompatible with WordFence causing the log-in button on the wp-admin page not to function. Disabling the Breeze plug-in via FTP resolves the issue.

Is Breeze/Cloudways working on an update to fix the plug-in?

Here is WordFence’s response:

Hi all,

We tested this issue using the Breeze plugin and found that it’s caused by a new Breeze feature “Delay JS inline scripts”. This is modifying when one of our inline scripts is processed, which breaks the code that depends on it.

In Breeze’s “Advanced Options”, under “Delay JS inline scripts”, you can remove the line that says “nonce” to avoid having our script deferred, which should make logins work properly again. WordPress’s translation features might also be broken by that line, and likely some other plugins as well.

This affects Wordfence’s two-factor authentication if one or more users has set up 2FA, and the reCAPTCHA feature, so using either or both of those features would be broken by Breeze modifying our script tags. (That is probably why disabling reCAPTCHA worked for some but not others in this thread.)

-Matt R
Wordfence QA Lead

I have problems also - with Divi Theme the hamburger menu doesn’t work on iPhone and iPad - disabling breeze and it works fine.
I also have missing images on Chrome but it seems very intermittent.

Is there anywhere I can get the previous version of Breeze to double check.


Don’t feel bad Chris - same issue with Elementor as well.

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Also problem here: In console: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘builderType’ of undefined” in file /wp-content/themes/Divi/js/custom.unified.js. But if I disable Breeze, everything works fine. I downgraded breeze, and now its working.

I have Breeze on all of my Elementor sites. Every single one of these is now experiencing…

  • pop-ups not working
  • layout changes
  • motion effects not working
  • image galleries missing

I had to deactivate breeze on all sites. Is there an ETA on a patched update?