Breeze cache plugin - Cloudflare connection


On every site I use CloudFlare as it’s a great way to more secure site and faster. I personally don’t have a problem to set up connection between CloudFlare, site and caching plugin… but could it be easier to make connection with this service and for example show at least warnings when some settings - like minification - are duplicate on both breeze and ClouFflare?

I’m just thinking about better UX. W3 does not have this perfectly solved, breeze could! :slight_smile:

Just want to start a conversation… nothing serious from my side.

And so far great experience and much easier then W3!


Hi Tadeas,

Great suggestion. Minifying using a plugin and cdn at the same time is not recommended. We will see how we can add a note or warning in the next Breeze versions.

Turns out a lot of people are using cloudflare with Breeze. A short tutorial about setting it up is required I believe :slight_smile:



Has this tutorial been written yet?


Hi Nick,

There are no special settings or requirements when it comes to using Cloudflare on WordPress.

Breeze CDN settings should be kept empty. And you can setup Cloudflare using this KB:

One thing to note is not to use minify option on Breeze as well as Cloudflare. It can cause a conflict and generally it is not a good practice.


Thanks, Ahsan.


I’m guessing that the WAF CF module for the server is just to display the IP addresses for visitors? So, having it off for the server and the CF plugin installed for a couple of WP apps on the server would be a better way?


Hi Nick,

Yes, if you need to monitor real IP addresses of your visitors to maintain logs or reports or for any other reason. Then you should enable WAF via our platform.

Otherwise you can use the CF settings to make CF effective on your WP website.