Breeze and Cloudflare plugin

If I’m using breeze and cloudflare. Here is the scenario. I don’t want to run the cloudflare plugin and enable auto purge on the site.

If I publish a new post or update one shouldn’t that be cached through cloudflare? I’ve seen some other info online where it says to use the cloudflare plugin with breeze and turn on the cloudflare auto purge. The issue with that is it looks like the entire cloudflare cache gets purged on any website change.

Is that correct? Can breeze be used without the cloudflare plugin and auto purge turned on?

I use both plugins together, and my understanding (which might be wrong) is that the Cloudflare auto purge feature you’re referring to will only purge the entire Cloudflare cache when performing a site-wide change.

For example, if you go into Customize > and change your site settings, then most caching plugins would purge the entire cache and Cloudflare cache will do so as well.

If however, you’re simply making a quick update to a post, then most caching plugins will simply purge that one page and Cloudflare cache will do so as well.