Breeze and cache page purge


Hi here !

I’m a bit confusing about breeze + page caching.
I have 1000 pages and I want all that pages to be cached for 7days.
So I disabled the auto varnsh purge and set the time to 7 days.

I used a crawler to create the page cache (wp-content/cache/breeze) files.
So this folder now contains the 1000 .php page cached so that each page take <500ms to load.

Then I updated just 1 page and after updating it, I saw my /wp-content/cache/breeze/ EMPTY ???!!!

Why updating 1 page delete ALL the others pages cached ???



Hi @dorian.savage

I am sorry that you faced this issue with the cache. Could you tell me the installed version of the Breeze plugin? If you have not done it already, could you update the plugin to the latest version (1.0.6)? I believe this would solve the issue.