Blueprint as a cloudway feature


Would it be possible to make a blueprint in WordPress as a feature?

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Hi @nwj

Can you please clarify what exactly do you mean by “blueprint in WordPress as a feature” ?

  • Ahsan


A blueprint is probably the ability to set up a WP site with selected plugins and themes, and maybe a specific version, and save that as a “blueprint” that can be used as a starting point for new WP installs. That could be in the same drop-down list where you have “WP” and “WP + Woocommerce.”


There are plugins you can get to do that. I suggest you build a custom version of WordPress, then use UpDraft’s clone function to make these sites. You could also include custom 404, privacy policy, terms pages. This solution would go further than any blueprint would.

Another solution (My preferred one) is to use MainWP to administer your sites - It takes a few seconds to update 50+ sites. They have this ‘Deploy’ solution you want, it can also include Wordfence and UpDraft backup settings in the deployment.


I agree, there needs to be a simpler method to cloning websites, especially being able to clone to another server that clone application name already exists. There really needs to be options to change database name/application credentials (same server or new server).

To Cloudways, having customers use 3rd party services to make this work better, increases your chances to lose customers to other services that include this bundled. I really like Cloudways and I am invested for the long run. I want to see this added to your stack, I think most people would really benefit from this once they start cloning all the time and making multiple blueprints/backups/clones.