Block storage price

I quite don’t understand the block storage price. I’m currently under the trial account with a 10GB server. If I add a 30GB block storage, what would my total monthly cost be? When I added the 30GB, it showed $13/mo - is that including the $10/mo for the server, or in addition to it?
In short, am I going to pay $13/mo or $23/mo?

Thank you

Hey @weyseal,

Block Storage will be charged at $0.1/ GB per month. If you are adding 30GB it’s adding $3.0 on your monthly bill which is $10.00. In total, you are paying $23.00.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

This reply makes no sense and only serves to confuse the issue.

If we’re currently paying $10.month and add 30 GB of block storage, the $3 of new storage gets added to the $10 server cost for a total of $13. Why does your last sentence say “In total, you are paying $23.00”.

Also, can you confirm that when adding block storage, it REPLACES the storage that is included with the server? I.e. That if you add 30 GB of block storage, you LOSE the 25GB that is included in the initial server package. So buying 30GB of block storage means you end up with a TOTAL of 30GB available, not 25GB original plus 30GB new.