Bill went from 80 to 600

Cloudways is a ripoff. My bill went from 70 to 90 to 100 which was fine. Then I was charged twice in a month with no actual explanation given and then I received a bill for 600 dollars. I mean is there any logic that would explain a 500 dollar increase in a monthly server bill? Nothing epic happened to my site on my end. I got two alerts all month for high activity and then they returned to normal., l am certain I will be leaving Cloudways unless this is some sort of early April fools joke.

According to my invoice, my GCE CDN charges went from 2.90 in September to 627.90 in November… and overall site traffic is down.

Both. I am not new to GCE or how they charge for data. I used them for 2 years prior to migrating to cloudways with themeco. This is the second month that my bill has increased exponentially and I asked for TRANSPARENCY in billing. I received two invoices last month, both charging me for the exact same line item. So yes, I have filed a claim through the proper channels and aired my grievance here, which I am allowed to do. Thanks for contributing nothing of use to the conversation.

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Thanks for laying out a ton of information nobody here cares about.

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thanks for pretending to represent cloudways and their customers.

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Are you done stamping your feet and whining now? Childish…

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If you haven’t gotten on the live chat and email with Cloudways well that is where you need to be. I hate to say it but Ron is correct in that the community forum can feel bad about it for you but that’s it. Do please let us know what you find out. I would also be curious to what type of servers did you build AND where do you specify your data centers and such.

Thanks Skeeter. I will definitely do so. Ron was a dick so Ron was responded to in kind. I could careless about sympathy. My goal was to get the attention of cloudways and I achieved that. Live chat was my first option. I was told billing wasnt available. A ticket was created. We’ve been handling it. Not my first issue. Others deserve to know. If Ron doesn’t like that Ron can take a long walk off a short pier.

Yes I sensed the attitude and understand your response and candidly if my average $110 per month bill jumped like that I would be freaking out to be honest with you. This month billing for what ever reason choose not to charge my account and I caught this 4 days later and was worried their systems would auto shut my 10 servers off which would have got me a world of hurt with 40+ websites. So I get it - fortunately through support I was able to this resolved. Hopefully you got your billing issue cleaned up - overall I personally couldn’t be happier with Cloudways. Yes I’ve had a few snafus over the past 12 months but overall hosting and server performance has been great, oh and tech support has been awesome! Cheers

You need to post details, with more information so that people can identify the issue and share insight. Howling at the moon does not help anyone.

I hope your issue is resolved and would like to hear the problem and resolution if you want to share.