Beta testing this forum - Bugs, etc

I just tried logging in. Got an error upon login redirection back to this forum. Needed to copy paste forum URL and gain access.

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Hi Wibowo,

Thanks for reporting that. We are checking it.

Hi @wibowosulistio

We have fixed login issues and tested the following scenarios as well.

1- User with Two Factor Authentication Enabled.
2- Disabled User
3- Verified User
4- User on Trial

Also the Token expiry time has been increased.

Thanks again for reporting :slight_smile:

I have just posted in the Wordpress area of the forum. It appeared to accept what I submitted, as the text of my post was listed but grey (I assume that means waiting to be moderated). However I then got a popup error that simply said “An error has occurred. OK”. Nothing was visibly affected, so I can’t give any further information except that I’m using Firefox browser on Windows 8.1.

More on this … when I posted the message above the text appeared grey for a moment and then black. The other post I made remained grey, and upon rechecking appears not to have been accepted. I presume, then, that the error I received meant that the post failed. I’ve since posted it again and it worked.

Thanks @Wayne

We are going to check it.

The text going for “Grey to Black” is normal behavior of Discourse (software used to build this forum). If the font is grey, that means your submission has not yet completed. If it turns black, that means your message was successfully submitted.