Best server you recommend for hosting multiple WordPress sites that's not AWS or Vultr?


My agency has expanded to where we host about 40+ WordPress sites and I want to know what other people’s experience has been performance wise with the other available CloudWays server providers that are not AWS or Vultr in terms of having 10+ WordPress sites on them. Our main server is AWS and secondary server to take up the other half of our sites is Vultr. Vultr’s been good so far but our AWS one is struggling. I wanted to see if anyone has felt they have gotten more for their money on any of the other choices.

In particular, my question is, has anyone so far had a positive experience in terms of performance hosting multiple WordPress sites on Linode, Google Cloud, or Kyup?

Our AWS selection seems to keep struggling even after optimizing each site and blocking out bad bots, trying out the compute optimized server type etc. and having a hard time justifying the price my agency currently pays to use that particular server provider.


I’ve only used DigitalOcean, and get very good performance compared to when I set up my own droplets. On one of my droplets I have around 15 sites that are a mix of Wordpress and custom-developed.


We are running e-commerce on AWS, large server, 2CPU, 8GB and most of times it runs pretty fast. Sometimes it is slow but usually caused by same plugin updates authors have messed up. What i would suggest is to find out where are servers located and pick the one which is located closest to your location. I don;t think there is any difference in any of them but actual server location could help with speed performance.