Best method to move / transfer a website


I have a live Wordpress website on my Cloudways server “A” that I would like to move to my Cloudways server “B”. What is the best method for doing so - via the migration tool or via the app cloning tool?

What are the other considerations or things-to-do after doing each of these methods?


I remember using the migration tool when I first moved to Cloudways (2015, moved from Media Temple) and it wasn’t a great experienced. I got it done though. Since then, I have moved that same website to different servers a few times, whether for changing server locations to avoid hurricane prone areas or just for staging, and had great experiences simply cloning the app. It’s a WP site that takes up about 30GB. The cloning feature combined with a premium DNS service makes it a breeze to do. Good luck!

I would clone the app using the built in Cloudways tools. Obviously, clone it onto the required server.

Once cloned, I would check the website using the default URL assigned to it by Cloudways (the staging URL).

If it all looks good, I would then update the application URL, and then update the DNS record to point to the new IP address.

If you are migrating within the Cloudways, then the best and fastest way is by using the cloning feature.

As @contact17 have already suggested, once the migration is completed, make sure everything works and then point your domain accordingly. If something bad happens, you will still have the working copy in your old server.

Ibad Rehman