Be careful about your space otherwise restore will not work!

We have three sites at cloudways. One of them started encountering problems with a 30 GB Vultr account, because of space. The space affected Wordpress functions, plugin backups, as well as the Cloudways backend restore function.

We were unable to restore the site because what was presently there exceeded half of the account site! The backend restore will not remove what is currently there for a wordpress site like many backup solutions do. Even after deleting the files and local backup, we have been having problem for a over month.

So make sure that you are aware that the size limitation directly affects whether or not you will be able to restore to an earlier backup in the backend, as the restore won’t work without manually deleting the files and any local first if it is close to 50% of the account size.

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same here. I had that problem for three days, and feel bad too.

I also had this problem for the first time, wanted to restore, and impossible
the solution offered would be to upgrade the server
I did not mind obviously, the problem is that later I would not be able to downgrade the server
and paying for something you would not use, would not be the best solution
(I was able to overcome the problem with old local backups)

I think there should be some other solution :frowning: