AWS Stockholm - eu-north-1 .. Possible?

Hi there,

Is it possible for you to add AWS Stockholm - eu-north-1 to your AWS server locations?

You can read about it here: Now Open – AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region Opened 12 DEC 2018

Would be a huge lift for the Swedish market.

Looking forward on a answer on this matter.

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Any Cloudways Support??

Still no answer from Cloudways here??

Would be nice with an answer from the non-existing Cloudways staff here …

So almost 2 month gone and no answer yet … are you alive in the forum at all Cloudways?

If you do not answer threads in the forum, why even have a community forum?

Thanks for highlighting the issue here earlier. It is now possible to create your manage server on StockHolm region.
We apologize for the delay in response.