Anyway to implement cookie free in Breeze?


Just replaced W3TC with Breeze, and initial results looks good.

However running test on GTMetrix my YSLOW score is still very low, and one part is due to Cookie free domains. Almost all of my images served comes with cookies attached.

Any advice?


Hi @thienkw

You can exclude cookies from varnish cache via the Cloudways platform.

Navigate to Application Management > Application Settings > Varnish Settings.

Also can you confirm if your checkout and cart pages are working fine?

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I think you are asking about serving static content from cookies-free path. Right?

Note: This is a complete manual procedure. I have written step-by-step tutorial with dedicated steps for Cloudways users.

I hope this helps in the right direction.

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As Nginx serves static content, wouldn’t it be possible to configure it to exclude cookies for all static objects without having to put them on a separate sub domain. I know the sub domain could address the same content as the main domain, but this way no sub domain would be needed, and due to that all references could be relative.


Thanks guys for your feedback.

@ahsan.parwez, thanks for pointing out that varnish setting. Will I still need to shift my jpgs over to a cookieless subdomain? I’ll test my cart when time allows.

@gulshankumar, thanks! Will refer to your guide. One question, if I use Cloudflare only as a DNS, will I be turning off the CDN capabilities?


Yes, correct. For keeping path cookies free, you need to turn off its HTTP Proxy/CDN.


I see. I’ll prefer to keep the CDN for now, thanks!


I would read this before making changes: